It’s TIGJam!!!

By: Derek Yu

On: August 23rd, 2008


Guys, I’m very pleased to announce that TIGSource and Flashbang Studios are teaming up, like Batman and Superman-styles, to throw the first-ever TIGJam – a three-day creative pow-wow in the red-hot Arizona desert. Bring your projects to work on in the company of your fellow indie developers, or start new ones! For those of you trying to meet the November 1st IGF deadline, this might be a great time to get some feedback. For everyone else, just be ready to have fun, make friends, and create some cool stuff. Sleep is totally optional.

There is a $50 registration fee, which will help keep the brass monkeys, soda, and snacks flowing during the jam, and will also cover the post-jam celebratory dinner and ensuing party on Sunday. Space is also somewhat limited, so if you’re serious about attending, sign up soon! Head here for online registration, as well as more detailed directions.

We’re hoping this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful tradition. Look out for more info (and possibly some surprises) as the date approaches. Depending on how many people decide to show up, lodging should be free or cheap. We’ll let you know.

Hope to see you there! Let us know what you think!

  • Adam Atomic

    its official

    im down like a clown

    i get in at 12:30 on the 25th

    when is there going to be a forum section for tigjam plz

  • impossible

    I’ll be there. But I live in Phoenix!

  • MikeK

    GAH! I just moved far away.
    Skofo- Its a good thing its after summer :)
    LA is only 6 hrs drive or a quick cheap flight to AZ.

  • Tommunism

    Ticket purchased. Lube Purchased.

  • Cthulhu32

    Can you give anymore details on the times of the event (such as end of jam dinner)?

    I’m trying to work this out in my schedule, plane tickets are all jacked up but I’m hoping I can make it. Also, any tigs willing to do some carpooling? I’m < 25 years old so rental car is not an option :/ Goldbuick mentioned he's driving, but want to verify before I get my ticket and hotel and everything.

  • corpus

    “How about we organise one in England, one in Canada, one in Australia, and one in Sweden all for the same 3 days?”


  • Matthew

    A simultaneous jam is a great idea–do it! Grab the reigns for your region. Work out the logistics and email Derek to post about it.

  • Derek


  • gonzorob

    going to be in Austin for GDC a few weeks before – real shame im going to miss this.

    Let’s do a London JAM…


  • killnpc

    got a ticket. looking forward to jam.

  • brog

    extra points for simultaneous jams if we do this:

  • Flamebait

    Phoenix? Fuckin’ yeah! That’s technically my place of permanent residence, and it’s only a few hours’ drive!

    Dunno if I’ll show up though. I’d probably just sit around watching everyone, making them nervous, as I do everywhere.

    Anyway, I’m on the school library computers right now. Pretty sure the guy next to me thought the poster was advertising some kind of LGBT-off. Is that significant?

  • corpus

    brog: yeah, I was thinking about that – having a webcam in both and the image projected onto a big wall.

    still, we need to work out if other jams are even happening to begin with.

  • toastie

    i think im there