Previews: That Bloody Gushy Stuff

By: Derek Yu

On: September 22nd, 2009

Some bloody good trailers:

Klei Entertainment (Eets) takes a step in a decidedly more brutal direction with its upcoming XBLA title Shank. I had a chance to try it at PAX, and it’s really fun. The controls are fluid and you can pull off some Desperado-like moves very easily.

Super Meat Boy was shown at a Nintendo press event in London recently, where it was met with acclaim. But honestly, you can’t say anything bad about two guys who look like this.

The cactusquid is having another fevered dream.

I realize there have been a lot of previews and trailers and expo stuff lately. But they are cool, no? Don’t worry, more great playable games are coming!

  • skaldicpoet9

    Super Meat Boy looks like a whole lot of awesome. It just might make me consider getting a Wii again…maybe, just maybe. What a tick, is Spelunky going to get released on Wiiware eventually??? Because, I would say my mind would be made up then :D

  • someonespecial

    Even though I’ve known of the existence of Super Meat Boy pretty much since it was first announced, it just dawned to me that the game could provoke overblown (and hilarious) PETA protests. I think I’m looking forward to it even more now.

  • Allen

    Is that cactus game an iPhone game?

    Also, SMB is going to be on the PC as well. No need for a Wii.

  • Edmund

    This is true, the pc build will be officialy announced on steam next week. (hows tha for insider info!)

  • Rob

    It all looks great.

    What’s the song in cactus’ vid? It’s aural torture in the best way possible.

  • cactus

    Death Dance 2000 by Point Line Plane. Great band, too bad they only made two records.

  • Craig Stern

    The first part of the Super Meat Boy trailer made me laugh out loud. :) I had to restart it and watch it again.

  • Ein

    Shank = MIND BLOW

  • Nicholas Lee

    @Craig Stern,
    Exactly the same story.

  • cigarettes

    i love the Sf2 style opening for Meat Boy,
    although purchasing that game is like paying for the privilege to beat yourself with a spiked club.

    a privilege that i will gladly pay for.

  • Alex R.

    Okay, someone PLEASE explain to me the difference between Super Meat Boy and Ogmo? Besides the fact that from what I can tell, Ogmo and the Jumper series were all created BEFORE Meat Boy was a thought in the creators minds…. I mean, the only difference is the arms. And girlfriend, and evil fetus (I do give them props for putting in the evil fetus). And now, a super-awesome make-over for Meat Boy, which really didn’t seem all that amazing or innovative in any way when I played through on Newgrounds anyway.

    Typical platformer issue being besides the point, my main issue with Meay Boy, is my wondering if credit is really being given where it’s deserved? Doubtless, the Meat Boy guys put hard work into perfecting the everything about it, but in the end it all boils down to the simple underlaying Idea, which from what I can tell, is the exact same as that of Jumper, but a bit less compelling. Rescuing princesses has been done already. And so has the little red square jumping around impossible levels – and it was done BETTER, before.

    Cactus, RockOn.

  • Synnah

    The difference between Ogmo and Meat Boy is that one of them is made ENTIRELY OF MEAT. See if you can guess which one.

  • superflat

    It’s been a while since Cactus has finished a game. Hope this one makes it over the finish line.

    While I enjoyed Time Fkuc, SMB doesn’t do it for me. I find wall-jumping annoying for the most part. It seems to be in everything ATM.

  • superflat

    Btw that’s not aimed specifically at Edmund, as I do realise that Meat Boy’s been around for a good while, and it one of the best examples of it! It’s just my personal preference.

  • Hiacynt

    In a way I agree with Alex. When I saw the trailer my first thought was…”Oh cool!Matt Thorson released a new Jumper game”, only to be disillusioned soon after. Giving credit for such a thing as a gameplay idea is not necessary to my mind (heck, otherwise all RTS games should mention Dune2, or prolly some earlier invention), and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys behind SMB would even have heard of the Jumper series. It is important though to make it clear that the 2 games are very similar, which has been done in the original Meat Boy newsbit here on TIGS:

  • Eclipse

    FETUS PUNCH!!!!!!!

  • Edmund

    Yeah honestly guys.. imagine how i felt when i played jumper after i did meat boy…

    I felt like i had ripped him off.. even though i hadn’t played the jumper series yet. The funny thing is originally Meat boy was a ninja (ninja hood) but i decided to take it off because i felt the game play was already too similar to N.

    after i played jumper i contacted matt right away to clear it all up. so to put it all on the table, me and matt talk a lot and are on very good terms i love matts games and am doing everything in my power to not only make meat boy play and look different then jumper but also to bring more attention to the jumper series…. hint hint

  • dr phil


  • Alex

    Shank looks good, even though Eets was terrible

    Super Meat Boy: sequel to a generic platformer by the biggest hack in indie gaming, Edmund McFatty

    Life/Death/Island looks awesome, I’m glad cactus is starting to make more indepth games

  • judgesepar

    Jumper is very different from Meat Boy. It’s more of a puzzle platformer. Besides, Jumper itself isn’t very original, it even steals assets from other games (mostly the sound and music, but still). The only thing these two games have in common is that they’re platform games with wall jumping. That’s it.

  • judgespear

    okay this site is really messing up bad. what the hell just happened.

  • judgespear

    also, Meat Boy is more of a fast paced game where your jumps are based on building momentum. Jumper on the other hand is a slower, much more careful game where you have to carefully use your jumping abilities to clear the level, and get past the various traps/puzzles set forth in the level.

  • Tommunism

    Alex is right, Edmund is a stupid fat fucker. I hate him…but god damn if he isn’t the sexiest fat fucking queer I’ve ever had the privilege of fucking. And he’s a hack…of my crotch.

  • Alex R.

    Fair enough – glad people have cleared the issue up a bit, and I do see how they’re different in the approach you’re supposed to take to the game, But the initial similarities were really striking to me, so I figured I’d mention something. – plus the fact that Jumper along side the GMG site was really what got me started on the world of indie gaming a good while ago..

  • Tommunism

    Why was my comment moderated out? Am I not allowed to post a comment on the game I’m creating? Alex (not R.) can call Edmund a fat hack…yet my stuff gets moderated out? What the fuck?

  • Tommunism

    Thanks for bringing it back:)

  • Alex

    the differences between jumper and meatboy are pretty evident

    jumper is made by a creative guy who has an entire new set of ideas to bring to platofrming

    meatbuy is made by a fat uncreative pretentious hack who has no new ideas or talent

  • dr phil

    Alex, enjoy your life of internet commenting while the rest of us make cool shit.

  • Alex

    “dr phil”, I daily make things more interesting than anything you can hope to create

  • Edmund

    yeah dr phil Alex May (not the talented Dyson one, but the one that’s posting here) is extremely unique and creative. he makes salad fingers ripoff drawings in MS Paint!

    he also was involved in this extremely unique and creative game called “awesome block game”

    He’s the most talented and creative guy in Chesterbrook Pa!

  • Alex

    People have compared my stuff to Salad Fingers before, and I guess that’s reasonable except I’ve been drawing in that style long before Salad Fingers was around so whatever

    Yeah that block game sucks but I just did the art for it, gotta get paid son

    The other Alex May sucks balls, Cottage of Doom is tedium and based on the demo I played Dyson is complete garbage

    I literally shit out more worthwhile things than anything any of labored on for years

  • Derek

    You have never been loved, have you?

  • Tommunism

    I have to take issue with what you say Alex. Edmund isn’t the only one making Super Meat Boy…I’m also making it. I just want to make sure that I’m included in your fat hack remarks. But may I suggest “skinny dickish hacky slut” for my title. I just don’t want Edmund getting all the credit since I’m programming it. Here’s the last game I made: feel free to tear it apart, it’ll give you good material to rip on me about. Kisses.

  • Alex

    I clicked download but it said “A new public demo is coming soon” so I can’t make fun of it since I can’t play it

  • Tommunism

    Can’t you make fun of the fact that its coming soon but its never coming? Come on, be creative.

  • Craig Stern

    Whoa, what’s with all the hate? Maybe Meat Boy isn’t the most innovative thing ever, but when you’ve got games like Gish, Coil, and Triachnid under your belt, I don’t think you’ve got anything left to prove in terms of innovation.

  • Alex

    gish coil and triachnid all suck balls as well fyi

  • Bryce

    That Life/Death/Island game reminds me of an action version of that old roguelike Alphaman.

  • Jotaf

    Sooooo… “My blocks game sucks but I can make fun of Cottage of Doom and Dyson”?

  • Alex

    Son I told you over and over the blocks game was just me doin’ the art, gotta get PAID son, ain’t a big project, play The Tall Stump, I made that shit, that game owns

    and yeah cottage of doom and dyson suck balls

  • Rob

    Alex, you’re a fat lazy sellout pig.

  • Alex


  • ctankep

    Life / Death / Island looks cool, made me think of Seaman_2 for some reason though you got nice rhythm in th’ movements, sick tunes.