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Holiday Vidyas

By: Derek Yu

On: December 26th, 2009

I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays! Here are some videos for you:

Here’s a great “making of” video for Anthony Flack’s Cletus Clay. The development looks like it’s going strong – check out the website for more updates, including a new action-packed trailer.

I was definitely surprised and excited to hear that Andy Schatz is working on Monaco, a 4-player co-op stealth game! Andy, who’s best known for his “Venture” series of educational wildlife games, discusses his creative shift on his blog.

Here’s a new La Mulana Wii video from NIGORO.

There’s a single-stage demo for Locomalito’s Hydorah out. Thanks to Pixel Prospector for the news and video.

I check out Michal Marcinkowski’s blog pretty regularly. If you’re wondering how Link Dead is going – Michal and Sigvatr parted ways and Michal is using procedural graphics now. And actually, I think it looks pretty great!

Venture Arctic Free Until New Year’s

By: Derek Yu

On: December 24th, 2008

Venture Arctic

Andy Schatz offers up a great gift for the holidays: his ecological sim Venture Arctic is free until 2009. In his own words:

Somtimes it takes a little while to get to know a game before you fall in love with it. This is one of those games. I just want everyone else to be able to get to know it as well.
Merry Christmas!

TIGdb: Entry for Venture Arctic